Every family has stories. These can be "big" stories (immigration, war, etc.) or "tiny" stories (anecdotes). They are all important. Thistory is a platform that lets people tell their family's stories.

There are various "kinds" of stories, and each requires a different visualization:

  1. Story: Possibly just text. Maybe a picture.
  2. Related pictures with explanation (a visit to the Chicago Zoo).
  3. Movie with narration.
  4. Event (Queen Elizabeth's visit to Chicago).
  5. Diary
  6. Diary with pictures
  7. Supporting information
  8. Etc.

A common thread to any story is that it must be about 1 or more people. Any story can have supporting information (maps, Wikipedia articles, Ancestry.com references).

Thistory is most useful when people can find stories of interest to them. For instance:

  1. A person is interested in an event and finds many people's stories describing that event.
  2. A person finds a story about a relative. Even better if there are pictures!
  3. A person finds stories about a geographic location.

As with Wikipedia, if people archive stories of interest to them, many of those stories will be of interest to others.

Above in the navigation bar are links to explore the kinds of stories featured in Thistory.

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